Computer Vision

Forbes: Seeing The Future of AI: An Intro to Computer Vision for Safety

August 3, 2021

Learn how computer vision is helping heavy industrial facilities protect their most important assets - their people- in this Forbes piece by Everguard CEO, Sandeep Pandya.

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Forging Industry Association: Shifting the Paradigm: Changing Our Approach to Safety in the Forging Industry

May 13, 2021

Often, many safety programs approach safety in a reactive manner, using traditional lagging indicators. But recent numbers tell us that reactive approaches don’t work. In 2019, 5,033 workers died on the job. So, how do we shift this thinking around safety and create a safer, smarter, and more efficient workplace?

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Forging Industry Association

Worker using Axora Technology to improve health and safety

Axora: Can mining technology combat human error and improve health and safety?

April 27, 2021

Even seasoned workers can make mistakes that compromise their safety, but new technology can help alleviate these risks. Everguard CEO Sandeep Pandya explains.

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How Technology Can Help Avoid Desensitization in Industrial Safety

April 12, 2021

Industrial environments and construction sites will always contain some inherent hazards because of the nature of the work completed. Combine factors like repeated exposure to a job with added pressures of production goals or on-time completion of a project and the opportunity for injury greatly increases. Desensitization is often at the root of an accident, injury, or even fatality. But emerging technology can help avoid the hazard of desensitization in industrial safety.

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desensitization in industrial safety

Commercializing AI

Forbes: Understanding the Challenges of Commercializing AI from a Provider’s View

April 2, 2021

Everguard CEO, Sandeep Pandya, explains the unique set of challenges that comes with commercializing AI in this Forbes submission.

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