Axora: Can mining technology combat human error and improve health and safety?

April 27, 2021
Worker using Axora Technology to improve health and safety

"You can train people at a staff meeting and tell them to always put the guard rail back after servicing a machine but you’re still relying on the human element to ensure the job is done. However, if there were a system in place that was vigilant 24/7, trained to know when the guard rail was in place or not, and then could alert the organization before something bad happens – wouldn’t that be better?"

The main cause of occupational injury in the United States? Human error. It can happen to even the most experienced and well-trained workers, especially those in labor-intensive roles across the metals and mining industry.

As part of Axora's Innovation Leaders in safety series, Everguard CEO Sandeep Pandya recently shared how solutions like wearable technology are the answer the industry needs to combat human error and shift its approach to health and safety.

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