Welcome to a Safer Future

Having a multitude of independent interfaces has made trying to manage a smart industrial workplace unmanageable. The complexity of industrial settings creates an environment where a disparate set of sensors and real time inputs can mean the difference between life and death for workers. Everguard’s Sentri360® enables industrial workplaces to integrate these advancements onto a single platform that enables them to work together to provide, for the first time, a proactive approach to industrial safety and productivity.

Sentri360 ties together various industrial sensor technologies using sensor fusion, edge computing and AI algorithms to enable them to perform in ways not possible independently. More importantly, Sentri360’s AI platform learns dynamically “on the job”, improving safety and productivity for every worker as it lowers incidents and injuries, and their corresponding costs.

By leveraging AI intelligence, our Sentri360 platform syncs sensor technologies and creates a Sensor Fusion Safety Zone that surrounds your team so – for the first time – you can deploy a truly proactive approach to safety.

Ready to make your workplace safer and smarter?

A Proactive Safety Platform Like No Other

Sentri360 is a technology-agnostic platform and ecosystem that ties together disparate industrial technologies like edge servers, real-time location services (RTLS), computer vision (CV), lidar/radar, and wearables, allowing them to interact in ways not possible independently.

Sentri360 User Analytics Portal

Everguard’s Sentri360 User Analytics Portal is the hub where data from all connected interfaces is collected. Advanced analytics enable managers to track and trend all data collected as well as to help recognize improvements in behavior modification and training, generate reports and manage the platform itself.

Sentri360 Operations Portal

Everguard’s Sentri360 Operations Portal provides real-time insights to all connected interfaces to drive efficiency, increase uptime and accelerate responsiveness to ensure a safer and smarter workplace.