Smart Wearables Powered by Worker-Centric AITM

Sentri360® EHS Wearables use revolutionary technology to protect workers and prevent accidents resulting from heat stress, fatigue, and overexertion before they happen.

Utilizing our Worker-Centric AITM technology, physiological metrics are collected and analyzed within seconds. The wearable can detect early signs of dehydration before a worker even feels the first symptom.

Workers are alerted via haptic feedback and encouraged to hydrate and take breaks when needed.

50% to 70% of outdoor fatalities occur in the first few days of working in warm or hot environments.


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EHS Wearables

Sentri360 EHS Wearables utilize Worker-Centric AITM to surround your team so – for the first time – you can deploy a truly proactive approach to safety.


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The Sentri360 User Portal provides in-depth data from all connected interfaces. Advanced analytics enable managers to track and trend all data collected as well as to help recognize improvements in behavior modification and training. The User Portal also allows safety and operations team members to manage the platform itself and all connected devices.

The complimentary Sentri360 Operations Portal provides real-time insights to all connected interfaces to drive efficiency and accelerate responsiveness to ensure a safer and smarter job site.

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