A Proactive Platform for Post-Lockdown Industrial Environments

To help curb the spread of COVID-19 and meet evolving OSHA guidelines, businesses are implementing strict protocols including the wearing of additional personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing guidelines, and on-site skin temperature checks. Everguard’s Sentri360® COVID-19 solution allows companies to effectively implement new protocols to proactively ensure worker health and safety.

Applicable in nearly any industry, the Sentri360® COVID-19 feature suite uses a mix of wearables, computer vision, thermal imaging and other technologies to help reduce the occurrence and spread of COVID-19. The analytics portal delivers continuous data to help users recognize improvements in worker behavior and operations management, as well as device, applications and cloud maintenance.

Ready to protect your team with the Sentri360 COVID-19 solution?

Sentri360 COVID-19 Solutions Features

Sentri360 is the only platform and interface industrial workplaces need to create and manage a proactive safety and productivity program in a post-lockdown industrial environment.