IoT For All  How AI is Saving Lives

VIDEO PODCAST: IoT For All - How AI is Saving Lives

December 1, 2022

Everguard CEO, Sandeep Pandya, joins IoT for All's Ryan Chacon to discuss how AI is advancing IoT use cases and how it can save lives.

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Download: Safety at the Intelligent Edge

August 30, 2022

Edge AI is pushing technology to the next level with edge computing. Download the free infographic to learn how Everguard is using it to keep workers safe.

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Safety at the Intelligent Edge

prevent heat stress

Download: 5 Tips for Preventing Heat Stress on the Jobsite

July 8, 2022

A day on the job should never be life or death for a worker. Download our free infographic to learn 5 tips for preventing heat stress on the construction site.

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Download: 3 Technologies Redefining Safety in Construction

June 21, 2022

As more forward-thinking firms embrace data-driven safety programs, technology continues to be at the forefront of this movement. Download our free whitepaper to discover the 3 technologies redefining how we approach safety in construction. 

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worker suffering from heat stress

Preventing Heat Stress with Worker-Centric AI™ Powered Wearables

May 25, 2022

A long day at work in the summer months doesn’t have to be life or death for a worker. As summer temperatures continue to rise, the dangers of extreme heat in the construction industry increase as well. Using new technology, construction companies can combat these risks and keep their workers safe.

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