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Backed by one of the world’s leading start-up incubation firms and a global industrials conglomerate, Everguard has built a technology-agnostic safety platform with advanced machine learning and computer vision technologies.

Our Mission

Everguard's mission is to protect companies' most important assets — their people — with the first truly proactive solution dedicated to industrial safety. Our Industrial Health and Safety Platform and Ecosystem utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor fusion driven by technologies that include edge computing, computer vision (CV), real-time location system (RTLS), wearables and others. The platform and ecosystem provide proactive interventions to help prevent and avoid industrial accidents and the billions of dollars in fees and lost-time incidents they cause.

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At Everguard, we bring people together to do amazing work. We do this by creating an environment where we trust each other, work collaboratively and have a deep respect for one another. We're looking for the brightest minds to help us develop the future of industrial safety.

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