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Backed by one of the world's leading start-up incubation firms and a global industrials conglomerate, Everguard.ai has pioneered Worker-Centric AITM to provide a holistic approach to keeping workers safe, healthy and productive. We think of Worker-Centric AI much like a canary in the coal mine. Years ago, coal miners would bring canaries into the mines to monitor the environment, as they were more susceptible to environmental dangers. The canaries would show early indications of discomfort, warning of threats and dangers, and allowing human miners to work safely.

Worker-Centric AI is the modern-day canary in the mine. AI, technologies and sensors work together like the canary's acute senses, constantly examining the environment for danger. When a hazard is discovered, the system proactively alerts workers, acting much like the canary to reduce accidents and incidents.

Our Mission

Everguard's mission is to protect companies' most important assets — their people — with the first proactive technology solution dedicated to industrial sustainability. We built our Sentri360® enterprise platform and ecosystem to harness Worker-Centric AITM, allowing technologies to interact in ways not possible independently. We're revolutionizing how heavy industry approaches worker safety, health, and welfare using this AI technology and supporting companies in their mission to fulfill environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Everguard’s purpose is to help bring every single father, mother, daughter, and son across the globe home safely from work every day. Because even one is too many.

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