Worker-Centric AITM: The Industrial Sustainability Revolution is Here

Protecting workers in industrial settings calls for solutions that do more than just monitor and report. It demands technologies that protect and empower. That's why the team at developed Worker-Centric AITM, the first artificial intelligence platform to create a conscious environment powered by sensor fusion that senses distress and danger long before a human can. Our revolutionary technology creates a Sentri ZoneTM with workers at the center, protecting them 24/7/365 in the most complex industrial environments. Not only alerting but saving lives and forging a new environment for industrial sustainability – one that finally puts workers at the center.

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Meet Sentri360®

The Sentri360® platform and ecosystem connects technologies in computer vision, wearables, and sensor fusion to improve worker health and safety. And we're not just making these technologies work together, we are making them work smarter together. Utilizing Worker-Centric AI, we are able to sync technologies and create a Sentri ZoneTM that surrounds your team so – for the first time – you can deploy a truly proactive approach to safety.


Use Cases

Not only does Sentri360® make your workplace smarter, it makes it safer. Its platform and ecosystem integrate cutting edge technologies to provide the first proactive approach to industrial safety, helping prevent accidents and injuries before they happen. Common scenarios we tackle:

PPE Detection
Fall Detection
Crane Detection
Forklift Safety
Posture Detection

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