Meet Sentri360®

We’ve created a platform bringing together technologies in computer vision, wearables, and sensor fusion to improve worker safety. And we’re not just making these technologies work together, we are making them work smarter together. By adding AI intelligence to our platform, we are able to sync technologies and create a Sensor Fusion Safety Zone that surrounds your team so – for the first time – you can deploy a truly proactive approach to safety.

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A Proactive Platform

Sentri360® is the only platform and interface industrial workplaces need to create and manage a proactive safety and productivity program. Our technology-agnostic platform and ecosystem ties together disparate industrial sensor technologies allowing them to interact in ways not possible independently.


Use Cases

Not only does Sentri360® make your workplace smarter, it makes it safer. Its platform and ecosystem integrate cutting edge technologies to provide the first proactive approach to industrial safety, helping prevent accidents and injuries before they happen. Common scenarios we tackle:

PPE Detection
Fall Detection
Crane Detection
Forklift Safety
Posture Detection

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A Proactive Platform for Post-Lockdown Industrial Environments

Sentri360® COVID-19 solution allows companies to effectively implement new protocols to proactively ensure worker health and safety.

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