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RCP Construction, Inc., and Sign Agreement to Utilize Artificial

January 19, 2021
RCP Construction

RCP Construction, Inc. and today announced a collaboration to bring artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor fusion to commercial construction job sites in an effort to improve safety measures. The agreement will bring Everguard’s Sentri360™ platform to RCP Construction’s White Rock Center Project located in Rancho Cordova, CA. Sentri360™ creates a paradigm shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to preventing workplace injuries and accidents.

Initial efforts will focus on using the power of AI and computer vision (CV) to enhance the safety protocols already in place for proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and geofencing deep excavation areas on the construction site. The use of heavy machinery, working at height, and the interaction of workers, drivers and machines on a construction site creates significant safety concerns. For example, Everguard’s Sentri360™ platform will ensure PPE is worn properly and provide proactive alerts to workers via wearables when PPE is not in use. The platform will monitor for proper use of hard hats, safety glasses and reflective vests as well as face mask use to help reduce the occurrence and spread of COVID-19. Another critical safety use case involves geofencing capabilities where the platform alerts an employee who ventures into a virtual safety zone.

In addition, this partnership will allow Everguard and RCP Construction to define additional use cases for ongoing development of Everguard’s Sentri360™ platform, including teaching the system via new CV algorithms to proactively address other specific hazards found on commercial construction job sites.

“Making sure our employees return home safely at the end of every day is our number one priority,” said Phil Fasolo, general superintendent at RCP Construction. “We are excited to collaborate with and deploy their platform on our construction worksites to help us optimize safety and efficiency.” is moving environmental health and safety (EHS) from a reactive approach to one of proactive accident avoidance by utilizing AI powered by sensor fusion. Sensor fusion collects inputs from many different technologies, including computer vision (CV), real-time location systems (RTLS) and wearables. Sensor data is fed into edge computer for AI analysis and processing in much the same way that humans process information gathered by their senses. The platform provides near-real-time alerts and analytics to managers and workers, notifying them of safety threats before accidents occur and identifying opportunities for additional employee training.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the RCP Construction team to reach the ultimate goal: an accident-free construction industry,” said Sanjay Pandya, vice president and general manager of construction at Everguard. “RCP Construction’s dedication to ensuring every team member makes it home safely each day is unmatched, and we are excited to provide the technology to help them make strides towards that goal.”


Everguard’s mission is to protect companies’ most important assets — their people — with the first truly proactive solution dedicated to industrial safety. Their Industrial Health and Safety platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor fusion driven by technologies that include edge computing, computer vision (CV), real-time location system (RTLS), wearables and others. Everguard’s Sentri360™ solution provides proactive interventions to help prevent and avoid industrial accidents and the billions of dollars in fees and lost-time incidents they cause.

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RCP Construction’s mission is to create trusted partnerships with clients and team members to deliver a quality product while maintaining the highest levels of innovation, professionalism, integrity, safety and client satisfaction. For 35 years, they have made the experience of building a better experience through high-quality customer service, teamwork, attention to detail, and follow through.

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