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Sentri360® Named Best Computer Vision System for Employee Health and Safety

June 20, 2023

Everguard.AI is proud to announce that its AI-enabled worker safety system, Sentri360®, has been recognized as the best commercially available computer vision system on the market by a recent study conducted by researchers at The University of Texas Department of Engineering.

The rigorous study, led by a team of technology and industrial experts at the University of Texas, aimed to evaluate and compare various computer vision systems available on the market for their effectiveness in ensuring worker safety. The comprehensive analysis encompassed factors such as accuracy, reliability, and real-time monitoring capabilities.

The Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) method was used to evaluate certain metrics. The metrics for evaluation considered key industrial safety use cases, the system’s current application to heavy industries such as steel, and the ability of the system to detect unsafe events in real time. The outcome of the process identified Everguard’s Sentri360® system as the best commercial-ready computer vision system for safety management in harsh environments like those seen in steel manufacturing.

"We conducted an extensive study to evaluate off-the-shelf computer vision systems, and Everguard’s system stood out as the best,” said Dr. Ibukun Awolusi, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Texas. “The system's ability to deliver real-time monitoring, intelligent threat detection, and actionable insights surpassed our expectations. has set a new benchmark for security solutions, and their computer vision system is truly deserving of this recognition."

Sentri360® combines state-of-the-art computer vision technology with AI algorithms, sensor fusion, and edge computing to monitor worksites, identify potential risks, and proactively alert workers about impending dangers in real time. The system can detect a wide range of threats, including falls, slips, collisions, hazardous area violations, heat stress and musculoskeletal injuries enabling companies to mitigate risks and significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents.

“This research from the team at The University of Texas confirms what our customers are experiencing in their facilities,” said Sandeep Pandya, Chief Executive Officer of “Sentri360® was created with a vision to revolutionize worker safety and avoid operational downtime, and this academic research validates our commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions that safeguard lives and enhance worker well-being.”

Everguard remains committed to pushing the boundaries of worker safety technology and plans to further enhance Sentri360® based on the valuable insights gained from the study. The company aims to continuously improve the system's features, expand its compatibility with other safety tools, and extend its capabilities to cover an even broader range of industrial applications.

Download the full academic study by clicking here. 

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