Stay Safe: Safety Week 2022

May 4, 2022
Safety Week

Safety should always be a priority in every industry, not just during Safety Week. But this week provides a great opportunity for refreshers on safety fundamentals and continued learning about new tools to help improve safety programs. To create a strong safety culture, each team member must understand their responsibility to themselves and their coworkers to Stay Safe.

Stay Safe Discussion Topics:

·         Every single company has a safety plan; now is the time to review it. Educate your crew and take the time to talk through any questions they may have about the plan.

·         Safety policies continue to change to decrease the risk of incidents and injuries. Share resources with your crew to ensure they know where they can always keep up to date on the latest information. 

·         Remaining connected and being supported have a significant impact on staying safe. If any prior topic discussions from the week need to be revisited, make sure to circle back.

For more information or Safety Week resources, visit HERE.



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