Be Supported: Safety Week 2022

May 3, 2022
Be Supported: Safety Week 2022

Day two’s theme for Safety Week is Be Supported. When we see a potential risk or an unsafe action, it’s not always easy to speak up. Having the courage to speak up for safety begins with support. Cultivating an environment where employees feel supported allows them to feel comfortable enough to speak up when it means preventing an incident or injury on the job. And the struggles felt at home don’t immediately go away when a team member walks onto the jobsite. Support at home makes a significant impact on the well-being of a worker. A simple gesture of care or concern is the easiest way to show a crew member or loved one the support they need. And it’s mutual! When you support a coworker or friend, they are more likely to return that support. A supportive crew is a safer crew!

How to Show Support at Work:

·    Listen up! Practice active listening with coworkers and take time to consider his or her viewpoint, even when it’s different from your own.

     Keep an open mind. When someone speaks up about a risk or concern, remember that they have the team’s best interest in mind. Ask questions to understand the concern and how to find a solution.

How to Show Support at Home:

Temperature check! Find time to talk with loved ones or friends to check-in. This is another great opportunity to practice active listening – ask follow-up questions and share experiences.

Support is simple. A kind gesture goes a long way, whether it’s sitting down for a check-in, a kind “thank you” to recognize a person’s efforts, or encouraging words when someone is struggling.

For more information or Safety Week resources, click HERE.  

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